Safercontact, dynamic contact tracing solution

Providing a more secure, accurate, scalable, and anonymous contact tracing solution.

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During uncertain times, how do you ensure employee safety while effectively conducting business?

The health and well-being of your business and those who work there is paramount. Safercontact offers a dynamic contact tracing solution that is secure, accurate, scalable, and anonymous.

Anonymous Contact Tracing In The Workplace

Safercontact uses proximity-sensing technology that monitors social distance without identity or location information. This way, personal privacy is protected, so employees feel safe, not tracked.

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Safercontact Helps Protect The Health And Well‑Being of Your Employees

How it Works

Safercontact utilizes dedicated Tracing Tags, either ultra-wideband (UWB) and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), along with gateways to monitor proximity and duration of closeness. Each Tag captures real-time proximity data and maintains a contact list of interactions with other Tags. When the Tag comes within range of a gateway, the contact list syncs with the safercontact application. The safercontact application allows authorized users to quickly and effectively identify potential exposure and risk. Dedicated cloud environments store the safercontact data. Whether you have 5 employees or 50,000, safercontact is the solution.

Get in touch with the Safercontact team to see how they can help your business get back safely.

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Tag Recognition

When a Tag comes into range of another Tag, they synchronize and add to their contact lists. Tags will alert users if they are closer than allowed through both audible and visual cues.

Data Upload Cycle

When a Tag gets within the range of a gateway it uploads the contact list to the safercontact application dashboard stored on a dedicated and secure cloud environment.

Dynamic Anonymized Tracing

Dynamic anonymized Tag-to-Tag communication protects the identity of your employees while keeping them safe. The visual contact tracing map allows for effective exposure risk evaluations by authorized users.


Anonymous Tracing

Safercontact uses anonymous tag-to-tag communication which preserves employees’ privacy and protects their personal security needs.

Secure Identity Protection

Each employees’ tag contains an anonymized I.D. that records the social distance and duration of encounters with other tags. The location of tags is traced not tracked.

Dedicated Devices

Personal security and privacy is of the utmost importance. The use of dedicated UWB/BLE tags offers a more secure and accurate solution over smartphone applications. Safercontact supports a range of UWB & BLE Tags ensuring the right choice for any situation.

Visual Dashboard

Safercontact utilizes a visual network effect graphically mapping all tag to tag contact tracing events. This allows for quick and accurate risk analysis by authorized personnel.

Platform Solution

Safercontact is a platform solution, not a point solution. While protecting your work force today, Safercontact can be used beyond COVID-19 as a versitile IoT solution.

Cloud or On‑Premises

Safercontact can be deployed either as a Cloud solution fully managed by Skylytics, or if needed deployed by an organization in their own cloud environment or on-premises, offering full flexibility and choice.

Flexible Pricing Models

With Safercontact you only pay for the number of employees or devices that you need on an annual or monthly subscription basis. Let our sales team recommend a solution for your business needs.

Safercontact Offers A Dynamic Solution That Is Secure, Accurate, Scalable, and Anonymous

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Safercontact Helps Protect The Health and Well-Being of Your Employees

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